Friday, June 19, 2009

1st by dora..

Posted by norzillawatie binti zahidin at 1:12 PM

i drop my story here..
the begin of my new day..
what will i do?
the changes of my life..what it would be??no one know..

blog ni aku nk privacy sket dr org2 yg mengenali aku
tp kalo kawan aku da jumpe
xleh nk wtpe la.. so..i juz made the changes..
coz the old one look so empty..bored n nothing!!
dunno this new blog what it will be..
but i think it'll be nice..
someday,one day n everyday maybe..
like datuk adha's blog..ahhaha
you know,everyday he wrote about 5 to 10 blogs..
he is patriotic person..haha
too much!!
i know bcoz i'm his family on his page
mine..will be..ok
juz wait 4 the update day by day maybe
my page is not fully finished yet..
still think of how to make it nice..
i mean,the page,the story,da picca,n the lalalagu..
still waiting 4 the other ideas that may come
dunno when..hahah is the older one
n is the new one
so juz c the difference lah in both blogs that i have
hahaha..3rd one??r u kidding..
this is my 1st story in my 2nd blog
how come i can tell the 3rd one??
ok..juz make it easy..why i make this 2nd..
i juz want privacy where i can juz talk n story everything
without tapok2..(hide)..
everything without any disturbance n hurt any feelings..
juz want to be honest hypocrit..
i love my boyfriend..Luqman..
my friends...i love them so much...
thanks 4 givin me the support..
always helping me when i'm in a trouble
or have any problem..
thanks also 4 understanding me..


AbDuL LuDiN said...

first comment by me.
slmt berblogging. sy pon baru jugak.
tq ke

blog bawah ni pon blog saya

slmt berkunjung

Anonymous said...

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