Monday, February 8, 2010

feel in doubt

Posted by norzillawatie binti zahidin at 9:54 PM

oi...sakit pale otak aku skrg ni...
mane xnye..this 20 of feb aku ade english carnival kat kpm branang
and at the same date...makcik aku kawin..
mak ai..mamposla aku..2 2 event besar..
wat should i do..
kang xpegi kawin kang kecik ati taknye family punye hal..
bile xpegi english carnival tu plak..
mau kena maki aku...ngan advisor..
camane..da la head of dancer..pastu xpegi..
aku plak telupe yg 20hb tu makcik aku kawin..
adoi.....mampos aku....camane tah ni...
da la bertunang hari tu xdatang...kawin pon xdatang..
die engaged aritu pon sebab aku ade kat sabah..
mmg xleh la kan...
adoi kawin ni camane ni...
mampos aku....


Anonymous said...

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