Sunday, March 25, 2012

find me sumone better :'(

Posted by norzillawatie binti zahidin at 5:31 PM

assalamualaikum peeps, blogger, people and so on you and you. gud morning and it still 8.32 in the morning. i dont have any idea to write here coz what i want to story you is just like banyak mencarut mencarut. ok i'll try to avoid this.

being a part of his life tu macam seksa nak mampos. i dont know what to do with this kind of man who has no feelings at all to the girl. when the girl ask for broke up, he say no. but what he did is just like ignore, nothing to do even no sms or call. and he just call if he really needs sumthing. what a babi kan. so, with this so called tak-hensem-sangat-gemuk-pulak-tu man sedar tak diri dia di mana and jangan ingat kau boleh pijak pijak kepala that girl sesuka hati. we also have the power.

and then kan, i can see the lies is everywhere. phew. ingat aku bodoh. but, the girl is like just let it be, not to be diperbodohkan but kumpul2 dulu buat cucur goreng dan dibiar berhari hari dan bila basi baru sumbat dalam mulut dat man.rasa la macamana cucur basi masuk dalam mulut kau. tak gitu kan. yah, this feeling cant be heal lah. ini man A.

man B plak bagus mmg bagus. tapi kan masak-lahnya, meluat bila perangai lama tak ubah2. lepastu keje nak mengungkitsssss. mmg fakap lah. we dont look for perfecto, but please dont be so stupido act like a good guy in front of people but at the back, macam kambing mengembek. oh no. i dont like this peribahasa but please, everygirl needs an attention, or else, the girl will say goodbye to you.

and these 2 men are so annoying. but annoying lagi atas tu. girl, you should dont let yourself to be rude with these 2 men. terseksa hari hari macam ni. fakap lanci semua ada. maaf maaf kekasaran bersepah di laman ini. i hate this feeling and help me to out from their life.

sometimes i feel like tak sabar tengok korang pulak broken heart. karma falling into you. padan muka mati seksa masuk neraka. pui! oh kejap kejap. please dont take for advantage to that girl because she is very talented to be with everyone. not with you cheap man!especially man A. korang jangan tertanya why this gurl have 2 men? there is no serious relationship but yes the girl is in love with these 2 guys but if problems like jatuh ke riba before get in love seriously and have the ikatan couple tu, apetah lagi bila betul2 in relationship. so it is like lagu farah AF antara dua gua tak leh pikir takleh belah. so mana nak pilih, gua malas nak pikir kalau 2 2 macam harem je. so no one. sometimes feel like nak tukar num telefon but that is not the gud solution. tukar orang baru lagi bagus. yah. kejam gua harini tapi kejam lagi mereka padaku ini. ini semua fiktif bukan rekaan bukan cobaan. what is the thing i believe this :

bye bye.



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