Saturday, July 4, 2009

uitm..the hell

Posted by norzillawatie binti zahidin at 7:22 AM

it was so shit! suck! n of course fuck!
when i reached the uitm pulau pinang..owh!!i got headache!!..
you know why..because i have to go to classes..
face my book..not facebook...haha
n been tought maybe by same lecturer..oh no!
a lot of assignments to do n have to submit..
yakyakyak n so suck!n sesak!!!
the holiday already finished...
n i have to continue my study as usual...
for my 5th semester..
all are...really2 kill shit rite?
they downed my pointer..n i know..actely..its my fault too..
ok...i become stress when talk about this things..
by hook or by crook i have to cont my studies even have to extend..
maybe till 7th semester..
tomorrow i have to see my P.A..
miss rohaiza..
n have to discuss about my plan of study
because this semester i have only 12 credit hours ok..
sad..really bad..
dun cry..dun cry..
relax dora.. about today..
my housemate n i had gotong royong clean up our house..
the kitchen was awful masam like longkang..
the toilet n bathroom seems like..erk...jijik!!
n the need to talk la...
my nose fulll of taik hidong da juz 4 some minutes even i threw it away again n again..'ll come back to fill the hole..
n finally...clean n clear..
tomorrow i the day 4 me..
em..well well..
juz see..
to be continued..


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