Thursday, March 7, 2013


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kak long kak ngah pak ali pak abu, dah tido ke? takpela, abg cik abg ngah ade dok teman mungkin. atau sesiapa je la yg sudi dok baca entry aku kali ini.

 i miss my studies

nevermind. let it be.


something to share here, i am waiting. for what gonna happen in my future. whateverla, job to be ke, business to be ke, hubby to be ke family to be ke. all in my mind. bukan nak menserabutkan keadaan, but i think i have to go through one by one and solve them without superstitious thinking.

i am 24 this year.
24 to be. 

you know what -..-
i dont believe it

i am still young

in this situation, need somebodies, not someone to support me through. we have friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, friend of friend. socially, i make up my life not depends with friends but just tak nak rasa coward, i do something that what other people like such as, we know that, if kite serve makan kat kawan kawan secara free, mana mungkin ada yg menolak. so, they will feel happy. tp what for kan. kalau suka suka, teruskan niat itu, kalau nak amik hati, pikirla sikit, nak jadi ape, kalau tak takyah buat la buang masa dan tenaga, duit semua ada.

you will feel lucky
if you are in love with the person who also loving you

you will feel lucky
if what you had done for this 5 to 10 years
gonna make you rich

you will feel lucky
if what you dream of
comes true

tahu tak ape impian aku.

sebenarnye bila tetengah malam tulis begini nampak benor penipunye. aku bosan tu pasey entry nama 'boringrudin'. aku tak nak kalah tu benda biasa nak nama gegempak. marila lawan.

sebenarnye ape aku nk cite ni, aku boring. nak jadi ape. mmg aku boring. bujang bujang camni, tiada keretaku bawaku jalan jalan, rumah ku dah ada, semua aku punya. so jalan kaki saja aku bayar tambang duit sama kamu. nyanyila kau lagu jimi pelekat tu sengsorang.

i think i have nothing to write on. thanks for the love all of you give to me. i will always love you too. hopefully esok mungkin ada entry menariuk untuk dikhabarkan maklumla dulu dulu jalan la blog ni, skrg berhabuk dilap balik. okay, ni saje dari saya ohzila lova. tata :)

pout pout~

budak ni aku penampo kang comelnye bukan bukan!



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